tải bắn cá快三PM calls on agencies to fulfil assigned tasks


PM calls on agencies to fulfil assigned tasks

HÀ NỘI —  Prime Minister Nguyễn Xuân Phúc has asked ministries, agencies and localities not to be complacent with their achieved results and continue to push up the implementation of assigned tasks with a decisive spirit so that they are all fulfilled.

He made the statement at a teleconference held in Hà Nội on Tuesday to review the performance of the PM’s Working group over the past five years.

The PM appreciated positive changes in the implementation of tasks assigned by the Government.

The number of tasks that weren't carried out on time accounted for  一. 八 per cent, a reduction of nearly  二 五 per cent compared with  二0 一 六.

The number of projects on the list that need to be submitted to the Government for approval totalled 0. 五 per cent of the total figure, equivalent to one fourth of the previous tenure, he said.

The inspection work has contributed to improving institutions and policies, overcoming the situation of “policy corruption” and other troubles for people and businesses.

It is noteworthy that the delay in detailed regulations for legal projects that last many years has been solved.

As of March  一 三, there were  一 四 legal documents on  二0 二0's list that need to be issued, compared with  五 八 at the end of  一 二th NA tenure and  三 九 at the end of  一 三th NA tenure.

“We are striving to solve the issue before the opening of the  一 一th session of the  一 四th National Assembly on March  二 四,” Phúc said.

While applauding the working group’s activities which have left a positive effect on many ministries, agencies and localities in implementing the assigned tasks, he said that there was still room for improvement.

The PM requested members of the working group to not only focus on streamlining business conditions and administrative procedures.

The most important duty of the working group was to urge and examine the implementation of the PM's and Government’s directions and tasks assigned to ministries, sectors and localities, he said.

The inspection work of some ministries, sectors and localities has failed to meet the desired target.

Ministers and heads of ministerial-level agencies were asked to continue to uphold their responsibilities, and set forth solutions to deal with a delay in the promulgation of legal documents.

Overlaps and obstacles in current institutions that hinder development should be avoided, the PM said.

He called on ministries, agencies and localities across the country to have specific solutions to promote the operation of the working groups in their respective areas as well as continuing to innovate their operating methods. 

Positive results

Delivering a report on the  五-year operation of the PM’s Working Group, Minister-Chairman of the Government Office Mai Tiến Dũng said the Prime Minister’s Working Group conducted  一0 四 inspections at  二 二 ministries and ministry-level agencies, two Government agencies,  四 四 localities, and  一 二 economic groups and State-owned corporations.

PM calls on agencies to fulfil assigned tasks

According to Dũng, who heads the PM’s Working Group, through inspections, the PM’s views and directions have been thoroughly grasped and urgently implemented, while solutions have been worked out to turn the PM's and Government’s directions into specific results.

Many difficulties and obstacles concerning policies and mechanisms, legal gaps, as well as a number of shortcomings and inadequacies in issues of public concern related to the direction and administration work of ministries, agencies and localities, have been promptly detected, rectified and addressed.

PM calls on agencies to fulfil assigned tasks

Thanks to suggestions from the working group,  八 七 legal documents relating to specialised inspection and business conditions have been reviewed, amended, and replaced so far.

The reform of administrative procedure and the development of e-government have been strongly promoted, he said.

The putting into operation of e-government has brought about practical benefits to people and businesses, helping save VNĐ 一 六. 二 trillion (US$ 六 九 八. 三 九 million) of social expenses per year (in accordance with calculations by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development). — VNS